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"Know deep in your heart that you are only love. Then your heart will speak its passions, unbridled, free to move about, free to express, free to be" ~Nathan

Authentically, creatively, and with innovation Elaine offers coaching sessions focused on:

Living the life you have come here to live
Expressing yourself unabashedly in the world
Unfolding with authenticity to the exciting journey of your life path

Through an integrative approach of incorporating the revolutionary teachings of the Spirit Guides Nathan and Mother, and the formation of a personalized Map of Your Sacred Journey ©, you will receive tools, wisdom, and encouragement that will assist you to:

Awaken your passions
Identify and embrace your heart’s desires
Unfold the authentic, dynamic, unique expression of your Spirits call



Meeting people and witnessing the sparkle in their eye, joining with another to laugh, holding the hand of a troubled loved one, sitting with a friend through tears, offering a heartfelt smile of reassurance … Celebrating life’s milestones large and small, rejoicing when hope dawns, facing storms and fears and learning to dance through them …

I have walked this path my entire life, only pausing long enough to refine understanding, gather skills, and grow through periods of challenge and change.

I am a connector! My passion is that of assisting and teaching others to connect with themselves in a whole new way,

  • to recognize hidden resources, as you rekindle the flame of your passions;
  • to gain freeing insights that catapult you forward, one, two or three steps at a time;
  • to unfold your uniqueness, beauty, and truth.

My professional education and experience as a:

  • Mental health and addictions counsellor
  • Certified hypnotherapist
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Breath therapist
  • Reiki Master and teacher
  • Personal growth workshop facilitator
  • Program administrator

is interwoven with my ongoing exploration of various spiritual traditions. I am a hungry seeker! As a young woman I entered a Catholic convent and trained to be a nun. Later I discovered an ashram where I began to study the yogic tradition and Eastern mysticism. I lived alongside the Oji-Cree people of Northwestern Ontario for many years, and immersed myself in their spiritual traditions, with an emphasis on women’s ceremonies. Simultaneously I studied Shamanic healing practices and had exposure to Buddhist meditation.

Upon leaving my formal career at the age of 55, I encountered a most unusual turn of events. September 2011 marks a turning point in my life. I began receiving teachings from Spirit Guides Nathan and Mother, through the Intuitive, Denise Appelmans. Even though this development was a huge surprise, I realized my entire life’s experience and education (formal and otherwise) prepared me for it.

Interacting with the Guides, learning from them, and applying their teachings of love, authenticity and peaceful co-existence was unlike anything I have ever known. The process, which continues to this day, has cracked me wide open, exposed me to myself and others, challenged me unbelievably to express my true self, and taught me about the meaning of love. The resulting increase in my own self‐awareness led to a huge transformation, involving major life changes.

I was summoned to take the teachings into the world and share them far and wide. On that basis, Denise Appelmans and I co‐authored the books: “The Miracle of Gratitude, The Miracle of Life,” and “The Unfoldment,” which reflect my experiences with Nathan and Mother’s teachings. And I'm excited to say, additional books are in the works!

Encountering Divine Teachers and acquiring and assimilating their teachings has been pivotal in allowing me to integrate everything that I have experienced in my lifetime. Many questions I lived with my entire life have been answered. My heart has opened to love and to the immense beauty in life. While the journey is not complete, a new relationship with my Self and with Spirit is in place. I am ready to soar!

It is with this renewed vigor and love, heightened awareness and compassion that I offer my coaching services to empower you to live the life you have come here to live, NOW!

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Sessions are conducted over Skype or by phone. For more information contact Elaine at empace7@gmail.com.

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Elaine has a warm and gentle way of working with people. I’ve been working with her for years and I always come away inspired, refreshed, and feeling like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I highly recommend working with her! ~ Sarah H. - Ontario

"Have you ever been listened to and witnessed so lovingly that the most natural step to take is forward? In her coaching work, Elaine combines her deep knowledge of the teachings of Mother and Nathan with her own love of life and experience of the human journey!   I felt such a deep desire to love the life in myself and walk on! I feel so much gratitude for my coaching experience with you, Elaine!”
~ CB - Vancouver Island

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